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They help you grow as a developer. I help you move the needle by cutting through the noise.

You can see me as a coach guiding you along your journey. He illustrates how MVVM can improve a project's architecture and testability , and how reactive programming fits in.

Easily record the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The content is awesome and the commitment is great. I use your best practices when providing samples, tutorials, or writing snippets of code for a blog. This has been the single most effective course I've taken about iOS. I put it into practice right away and our App Store app, and its testing, has benefited greatly.

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Great job. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am just curious to create an app which records video of iphone screen or capture images of iphone screen. I know that Apple doesn't allow such kinds of apps on the app store and I have no intention of doing that.

I can upload my app on Cydia if I want, but my current objective is just to develop an app with the capabilities of capturing video of the iphone scree n or taking screen shot of device. Let's say that I am playing a game and I want to record it so I can show my friend how well I can play.

If the game itself has some option to record video which generally is not available than that would be great.

iOS Screen Recorder

I want to develop that kind of feature. I am interested to know how to do this in jailbreak devices. Similar to the Display Recorder app from Cydia. I want to capture the screen with a 5 sec delay..

iPad, iPhone, and Mac OS X

I minimize my app and enter a game, then the screen shot will be of that game. Regardless which app is running it just needs to capture a screenshot of the iDevice's screen. I have done for my client who wanted. I also recorded video for Facebook screenCast for app review.


Here is the link for more ways:. To achieve this, privates apis can be used. But obviously, apple does not allow it. So your app will get Rejected. If you are doing this for personal use, then you can use apis like IOSurface. Hope my answer will help you.

How to Program iPhone Apps from Scratch by Paul Solt — Kickstarter

Just simply hold the power button and home button at the same time and you can see the captured screen inside your photo album. Learn more. Adding Episode Cells. In this episode we extract episode information from the podcast feed and render them as cells on the podcast detail screen. SwiftUI Gestures. In this episode we will look at the DragGesture property wrapper and how we can use gestures to update custom state that we can then use to transform our UI. SwiftUI Transforms and Animations.

SwiftUI's declarative nature makes building UIs incredibly easy. In this episode we will build a wallet UI with cards. We will create a CardView so we can reuse it in multiple places. Then we will use transforms to alter it's size and position.

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Finally we will see how declarative animations work as we expand the cards apart. Refactoring to a Data Manager. In this episode we clean up some autolayout warnings, implement some changes to support dynamic text, then move our attention to presenting the podcast detail screen when tapping on search results. Since the data is coming from various places we introduce a Data Manager to move that responsibility out of the view controller.

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Tip Calculator in SwiftUI. Now that we've seen a taste of SwiftUI, let's dive into a real example and build an app.

We'll have a first look at State variables we can use to creating a binding between our state and our UI, and we'll run into a few puzzling errors and see how we can coax Xcode into giving us the right error message. Hello, SwiftUI! Back from WWDC 19 and blown away by the announcements. There's a lot to cover, but we'll start by digging into the most exciting announcement: SwiftUI.

This is going to change everything Decoding Heterogeneous Arrays. You may encounter a scenario where you want to decode some JSON that contains an array of objects that may be of a different type. In this episode we examine such a scenario, where we have a feed that contains an array of posts, but each post object can be of a different kind, such as text, image, or video.

We will take a look at how to solve this by introducing a protocol called DecodableClassFamily, and along with a Discriminator that will inform the decoding logic which type it should decode. We'll then take this working example and make a reusable solution using Swift Generics.

Making a Custom Subscribe Button. In this episode we customize our call-to-action Subscribe button. Using IBDesignable and Interface Builder we can preview how it looks in the various button states without having to recompile and run in the simulator every time. Padded Label and Separator View.

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In this episode we create some more custom IBDesignable views, this time for a padded genre label where we use the intrinsicContentSize to make a label take up more space and give itself a little padding. We also create a separator view that draws a thin line to separate sections visually. Custom Gradient Background.