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But the full picture is both more and less dire than a slogan can capture.

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We can't stop climate change — because it's already here, and it's already too late to reverse many of its catastrophic effects. What's true is that things are on track to get much worse over the course of this century, and that if we're going to stop those things from happening, society is going to have to start hitting some important deadlines fast.

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There's a big one coming 12 years after the IPCC report. Blowing through it won't immediately plunge society into a "Mad Max"-style dystopia, as some have suggested — perhaps tongue in cheek — but it will make sure everything keeps getting steadily worse, and it will make turning things around down the road that much harder. Some scientists are nervous that overemphasizing the deadline might mislead the public about the nuances of climate change. But others pointed out to Live Science that activists have a task that's different from that of researchers — one that requires straightforward goals and clear, simple ideas.

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It was far from the first dire warning that the agency had issued. But this one seemed to take root in the public discourse around climate change, possibly because of how news stories summarized the report. An Oct. In an interview with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates three months later, on Jan. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D.

Here's the thing: Scientists never said the world was going to end in 12 years if we don't stop climate change. Even researchers known for ringing the alarm bells on climate change are far more likely to speak in terms of decimal places and nonlinear effects than to talk about the end of civilization as we know. Prominent activists rarely bring up doomsday, either. Messages from the Global Climate Strike organizers and the U.

Still, the year deadline looms large in the culture. It does, however, increase the chances of hitting 1. The issue is that any program set up to mitigate warming will have two basic components: short-term cuts to emissions and longer-term efforts to pull carbon out of the atmosphere. This doesn't necessarily mean giant, futuristic CO2-sucking machines, but may mean things like growing forests.

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But every year of delay on cutting greenhouse gas emissions means that carbon-capture efforts down the road will have to be even more fantastical and dramatic including heavy reliance on carbon-capture technologies that may never work. And each year in which we do nothing, the world will cross more climate tipping points that will be difficult to undo, Wollenberg said.

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