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Gardens of Forgiveness can be elaborate and formal national gardens — such as the Garden of Forgiveness in Beirut — or local gardens created by local communities.

Tom and Linda Carpenter - The Forgiveness Movement

A Garden of Forgiveness is a place in which people can gather strength and inspiration, a place for calm and reflection. It is an edifying place, inspired by the flora of the local environment. If possible it will include a fountain of contemplation into which stones representing anger, fear, grief or bitterness may be cast. Comfortable seating is suitably prepared for both sun and shade. A place of inspiration, the Garden of Forgiveness nurtures sentiments of peace, joy, hope, and healing.

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In life, we must find creative and constructive ways to negotiate conflict. The only conflict-free existence is death. Forgiveness provides the essential and necessary balance in all our relationships.

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  8. Friends can live in the same humble shack and remain friends, but enemies, embittered by the feelings of enmity and revenge, cannot share even a palace in the hope of becoming friends. Forgiveness transcends painful memories and grievances and redirects this energy toward peaceful and creative coexistence. The Garden of Forgiveness will be a public place in which we raise awareness about the power of forgiveness for healing and conflict transformation. Forgiveness is vital to life: the person who is willing to forgive demonstrates less anxiety and stress, better cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and a renewed energy inspired by hope and optimism.

    The path to forgiveness is an internal journey.

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    It can be one of the hardest things to do and cannot be imposed. It must be undertaken by the individual.

    Forgiveness course inspires Greek student to start a national movement

    Each and every person has his or her unique relationship with their memories and ancestry. Hoarding bitter sentiments leads to the destruction of the individual and society.

    The Garden of Forgiveness is a place of hospitality and inclusion; a place of comfort, beauty, and inspiration. Consultation with local gardeners and landscape architects is encouraged.

    Three times a year, Galiti travels to Greek cities giving workshops and educating educators. During the rest of the year in Madison she oversees the program via online group discussions and Skype sessions. Galiti found Forgiveness: A Path to Emotional Healing a perfect cultural match for her partly because course creator Robert Enright based it on the theory of Greek philosopher Aristotle. His support, guidance, and encouragement was a determining factor in my endeavor.

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    Why forgive? How do people forgive? And how can we bring forgiveness to families, schools, the workplace, and other communities for better emotional health? That anger, if not confronted and lessened, too often is transferred to others in the family, especially the children who then grow up with excessive anger. For more information, see the forgiveness course website or contact Barbara Nehls-Lowe at barbara.