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I would highly recommend Sandeep as an exceptionally responsive accountant with outstanding interpersonal, technical and punctuality skills. He was able to advise and establish appropriate corporate and personal structures to position my personal and business finances in a tax effective way.

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Sandeep goes out of his way both with time and geography to support and assist clients achieve their goals. Sandeep has been a truly invaluable asset to Tow. Sandeep has provided us with a reliable and yet flexible advisory framework to support us through three years of rapid growth. Sandeep has a unique ability to be able to understand our business needs and objectives and provide virtual CFO service, as opposed to providing a rigid and unscalable accounting framework to build a business.

Or indeed a third or fourth chance? Pronounced clinically dead, Les. It includes the following tax-related measures. Change, however, is an integral part of running a company and through effective succession planning, you can ensure that you have a potential successor for every role in your. Would you like to speak to one of our financial advisers over the phone? You can also email us if you would prefer. We turn information into actionable insights. We bring the breadth of our experience and industry knowledge to help you succeed. We look forward to getting to know you and to helping you take your company to new heights.

No matter how complex, we have the capabilities and experience you need to move forward.

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Pharmacy Among our expertise here at Astute Advisory Group, is providing professional advice to pharmacists in private business around how they can retire financially secure, by increasing sales and overall profitability through better staff engagement. K-Spec Building Consultants Director. Innovative Programing Pty Ltd Director. Cancer Council National Manager. Josh Muir Josh Muir.

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Barry Gresham Barry Gresham. Innovative Programming Pty Ltd Director. What would you do if you were given a second chance in life? March 30, Read more. Claiming rental property deductions? July 4, Read more. June 11, Read more.

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How are SMEs handling risks? June 7, Read more. May 9, Read more. Benjack Glatzer defines culture astuteness as "the ability to get out of your office and your comfort zone, and navigate smoothly through the cultural nuances of your specific company. A person who is culturally astute, she adds, builds bridges with all kinds of people, understands the land mines, and is interested in mentoring others in a way that aligns with the company's culture.

Kevin Hummel, organizational consultant and founder of Lighthouse Consulting Group, agrees.

Being culturally astute, Hummel says, also means being able to move your goals forward in a way that is not seen as self-serving. Rather, it's done through a combination of direct communication, influence, and asking other people to be your advocate or champion. That means that people interested in career advancement have to get out of their offices and spend valuable time getting to know people inside and outside of their company. Forging close relationships that are mutually beneficial is essential. Offer to help others and be specific about how you want others to help you.

It's not enough to keep your nose to the grindstone creating A-plus work products. Steve, an up-and-coming executive at a software firm, was increasingly frustrated that he had been repeatedly passed over for a vice president position. It can also involve some extreme measures like reducing convenience features and product quality.

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In a prolonged period of shortage, these measures could be particularly necessary. Many high market share companies have used demarketing for reducing their presence to a less risky level.

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Kellogg is one company which has used selective demarketing on its delay to enter the natural cereal market. The company decided to allow its rivals dominate the segment to improve its own chances to emerge from the current antitrust difficulties, minus too many scars. In the automobile industry, experts have long remarked how Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors, treat American Motors as a shield for antitrust attacks. The majors have given AMC only minor competition regarding lucrative government contracts military, postal jeeps etc.

Companies concluding that their market share is dangerous, may adopt strategies to reduce their risks instead of strategies to reduce their share. Optimal market share is a function of both risk and profitability. Any success to reduce the risk surrounding a high share is similar to optimizing the share.

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Companies can consider the following risk reduction methods to lessen the insecurity over their market share. These companies hope that these efforts will undercut the public support for governments, authorities, and consumer group actions that may damage their interests. Yet others use advertising and public relations for publicizing their position on some controversial issues.

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Leading oil companies spent massively on newspaper advertisements, defending their high profits during the recent petroleum shortage, arguing that the money was required to feed the future energy growth or meet the depressed profits of the past. A company with a high market share may try to reduce the risks involved with its position by cultivating a better relation with its rivals.

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There are numerous ways to achieve this. Companies may help to find raw material supplies, or even outright sell the material. They may spend on advertising which protects the entire industry and not just its own business. They can also hold back production. Pacified smaller rivals exist in almost all industries. Smaller cereal companies, similarly, are on friendly terms with Kellogg. Competitive pacification allows smaller and weak competitors to prosper in the market. They do a public service by granting consumers a wider choice of products to choose from.

Besides, fear of competition in an established market could lead a company to diversify.

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  • Gillette is a recent example of a high market share company that has diversified extensively. It has expanded from shaving products to pens, deodorants, hairdryers, shampoos, and various other products. Diversification of strategies by leading market share companies usually forges a positive social benefit. Their entry into new industries generates healthy competition across the industry. Responding to social needs is one of the most constructive ways of a high market share company to reduce its risks. Many companies have earned the trust of their customers because of their continuous efforts to cater to societal needs.

    Companies like Whirlpool, Zenith, and Sears are the ones that immediately come in mind. Trust in not an outcome of a clever and sustained public relations campaign. Increasing market share is an aggressive strategy that companies deploy for bolstering their presence in the industry, while weakening competition.